5 Nov 2014 7:22 PM -


 The Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, the Hon. Ryan Smith MP has decided to revoke his coastal management consent for the use of the Rosebud foreshore as the location of the Southern Peninsula Aquatic Centre.

This is a landmark decision and I thank the Minister for his decisive action following Council’s decision that it no longer requires the use of the foreshore for this development.

The Minister has congratulated Council on its dedication to actively engage with the community in the decision making process. The movement to “Save Rosebud Foreshore” has its genesis in the public meeting at the Rosebud Memorial Hall organized by Cr Pittock and myself in May 2012. I thank Dr Alan Nelson President Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers Association and Colin Watson President Nepean Ratepayers Association who have led the community charge to the Council and Government.

I also thank all those in the community and Council who have supported the movement to “Save Rosebud Foreshore” and voted for a decisive change in Council.

The contentious issue of a pool on the Crown land foreshore has held Rosebud back for nearly 15 years. Council can now get on with long overdue invigoration of the foreshore and the retail, commercial and local government heart of Rosebud.

Council officers have acted quickly to bring forward to Council a number of creative options for immediate invigoration of Rosebud and I look forward to these being rolled out by Council in the coming months.

Tim Rogers (Councillor Nepean Ward)