Jet Skis

12 Mar 2018 5:12 PM -


This petition calls on Premier Daniel Andrews to return to the majority of beach users their serene beaches and enjoyable summer holidays, to protect local marine wildlife and fragile ecosystems by BANNING jet skis from Rye to Point Nepean National Park! 

The State Government is supporting the (growing) ownership of this type of powered watercraft without consideration for the impact on locals and visitors in coastal towns in the southern part of the Mornington Peninsula. These machines are frequently in the hands of hoons and become dangerous, destructive and an environmental hazardous weapons. Huge numbers of jet skiers are launching from Rye.

No one who lives in or visits Rye to Portsea or anywhere else on the Mornington Peninsula wants their peaceful holiday or day at the beach ruined by the whine & whomp of jet skis. We don't want to hear of some innocent person killed or see the dolphins tormented and hoons tearing through the dolphin nursery at Point Nepean National Park. We want a safe stress free break and to protect precious marine life. 

If you want other areas included in the BAN please let us know by signing and putting the details in the comment section.

Save Rye foreshore, beach and unique marine life: no more Jet Ski & Boat Ramps

The Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) wants to expand the Rye jet ski and boat launching facilities.  The boat and jet ski ramp is in the middle of town and close to our picturesque Pier. Studies show expansion will lead to an even larger number of jet skis and boats launching from Rye town foreshore and therefore:

-       increase the current danger to the unique bay dolphins – two baby dolphins have already been killed - and to our well known octopuses garden under the Pier

-       increase the current danger to swimmers, divers, snorkellors, SUPs and kayak users - there are insufficient water police

-       increase the risk of vessel collisions - we had one jet ski accident this year and many near misses

-       even more foreshore space will be taken for jet ski and boat trailer parking - we have 126 trailer spaces & overflow parking space

-       the loss of tranquil coastal space for locals and holidaymakers due to the increased noise pollution - business owners say they will lose business

-       more of our town beach will be monopolised by jet ski users - look at the photo

-       greater water pollution from marine debris plastic, polystyrene, fuel

The irony is expansion won’t ease waiting times – it is only an an issue for 5 days a year. We support the current 3 ramps being improved.