FIDO Fine Irresponsible Dog Owners

2 Jan 2014 12:00 AM -
Another Irresponsible Dog Owner

Yes summer is here again on the beautiful peninsula beaches. Its a great time to take the children and grandchildren down to the beach for a play in the sand and the pristine natural rock pools.

But wait - it is after 9:00 am at the Bridgewater Bay Rock Pool and a dog off a lead (what else) is bounding along the beach towards us. Before it gets to us it has enough time to deposit a hot steaming poo on the beach sand - a poo the owner causally ignores as he strolls past a few minutes later but which other beach users will have to contend with all day. Then the dog is jumping all over the toddlers playing on the sand at the edge of the pool before he jumps into the cold water and makes the inevitable piddle. As the dog comes back out of the water to the now terrified toddlers he sprays them with salt water.

The peacefulness of the beach has not only been destroyed by this irresponsible dog owner but he even has the gall to say he is not aware of the regulations regarding dogs and this National Park Beach. Help us to Fight Irresponsible Dog Owners by using your smartphone to capture dogs and their owners who are blatantly ignoring the regulations.

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