Stringer's Stores

Address:2 Ocean Beach Rd

In 2013 Stringers is the place to meet for pleasure or business. It is located on a prime corner site overlooking the Bay. It is a typical late 19th century building constructed from locally quarried limestone. It is of a scale and type now readily associated with Sorrento’s identity as a historic coastal town. Commercial premises as well as substantial 19th century “cottages” were built with this material. (A number can still be seen along Hotham Road - turn right at the Ocean Beach / Melbourne Road roundabout.) 

According to the 1978 Shire of Flinders Sorrento Townscape Study, ratepayer documents suggest the corner limestone building was originally single storey, constructed in 1886 for J. Lentell and preceded the adjacent brick building by five years. A second storey was added in the mid 1890s. Today there are many Sorrento landmarks named after previous proprietors of the stores, including Lentell Ave, David MacFarlane Reserve and Stringer Rd Reserve. The current trading name has been continuous from 1925.