Former Seacombe (Hindson House)

Address:3440 - 3444 Point Nepean Road

An example of a two storey Victorian mansion, the National Trust listed former Seacombe House was built with limestone in the 1870s as a retreat for a magistrate (Nepean Historical Society Inc). Of significance is the beautiful double storey verandah; a veil of ornate filigree ironwork and fine slender columns that serve not just to contrast the heavy massing of the stone work but also provide a response to sun shading during Sorrento’s summers months.

In a statement of significance, Heritage Victoria, 29 April 1971, the home was said to be ‘substantially intact. Modified by [a] castellated tower at the side and projecting room on the sea front. The look-out balustrade in cast iron on the roof has been removed and an un-remarkable new residence to the south [has been built]. Well orientated to the sea. In its environment it is excellent, particularly when seen from the sea’.