Back Beach

Address:237 Ocean Beach Road

The Picturesque Coastline of Sorrento’s Ocean Beach was aptly described in the publication ‘Victoria: the Garden State of Australia’, 1931, courtesy of Nepean Historical Society Archives.
“Not withstanding the fact that Sorrento is regarded as one of Victoria’s most popular seaside resorts and that consequently its beaches literally swarm with people of all classes during the season, the whole town maintains an indefinable air of dignity that raises it to a standard above many other littoral towns… 

“… only one mile from the Bay, across a narrow neck of land, to the Ocean, and Sorrento’s Ocean Beach is one of the most ruggedly beautiful scenes to be found anywhere in Victoria. Here, huge foam-capped rollers beat against the cliffs in showers of spray, while a little further along snowy white beaches offer thrills by the hundred to lovers of surf bathing.”

Enjoy the walks here which variously follow the old tram tracks; and provide birds eye views from Webster’s Corner over the town and Coppin’s Lookout along the Bass Strait coast. Stay a while, enjoy a swim or a surf before heading back into the township for a meal. A swim with the dolphins, a ferry trip to Queenscliff, or a drive along the coast can all be had during your stay in Sorrento. Walk, wander and ponder.